The Orville Pedicab

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You Dream It. We Create It.

**Not for sale**

Fox wanted to make a splash to promote the second season of their science fiction comedy-drama series, The Orville. With direction from the team at Fox, VIP Custom Cycles designed and built custom Pedicabs to mimic The Orville spaceship.

We can be part of any targeted pedicab advertising campaign during conventions, corporate meetings, weddings or other special events around a venue of your choice.

Whether you want to advertise for a few days, a week, or even months, we can customize a campaign based on your company’s specific needs. San Diego VIP pedicabs offer your company exposure for 8-12 hours a day on one or many pedicabs, depending on your needs and budget. Your ad will be seen by thousands of people all over a highly populated area of your choice every day. There’s no other form of advertising that offers such wide exposure for such low prices.


Please contact for price information: (619) 228-3632